Thrivers are students graduating college this year and are mapping out their Next Steps.


Thrivers are ready to show they have years of experience sharpening their SOFT SKILLS through volunteering and working together to find solutions for today’s challenges.


This database and publication set is designed to highlight New Jersey higher education graduates with the skills to Thrive in the workplace.

Eighty percent (80%) of New Jersey’s employers struggling to find recruits with the transferrable soft skills that are necessary in order to thrive in today’s dynamic workplace (NJBIA, 2020). 


Are employers looking in the right places? At each college and university here in New Jersey that are members of New Jersey Campus Compact (NJCC), there are literally hundreds of students who are gaining real-world experiences that develop essential soft skills over time. This happens when students volunteer in community settings and get involved in things like service learning that connects students’ education to real-world challenges.


We want to work with employers to refine your recruitment processes so that you uncover this pool of talented thrivers.

Click HERE to download the Thrivers 2020 publication

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