I am the President of Alpha Phi Omega, a professional co-ed community service fraternity. As of this month, we have over 60 brothers who all complete at least 20 hours of community service per semester, some brothers even going well over that. I believe that our organization keeps people involved and tethered to the college in many ways by providing not only hugely impactful community service projects, but also by creating strong bonds with those that we work with. We do work with a lot of different organizations, but the biggest 3 that we work with are SNAP, an organization that allows us to play sports with special needs children. SNAP is a weekly event we attend, and usually brings the same people every week because brothers connect so deeply with the children that they work with. Real bonds are created, and it is unbelievably evident that the children look forward to seeing us every single week. One of the other big organizations we work with is Strengthen our Sisters, an organization that homes battered women and their children for free. We go to their properties weekly to help them with any of the manual labor they may need, and they seem to light up every time we see them. Finally, we work closely with Quilting for a Cause, a local organization in Pequannock New Jersey where we are able to create quilts, dog beds, and anything else that needs to be done for those who are in need.


I think that our strong passion and love for community service really keeps our students engaged and involved in their studies. I personally applied to transfer for a different school as soon as I started as a Freshman at Ramapo College, and got accepted to transfer, but joining Alpha Phi Omega and being able to create such a strong impact kept me grounded and where I wanted to be. I am unbelievably grateful for the experiences I've had, and without the community engagement and experience I've had, I probably would've transferred to another school. Community Service at Ramapo has kept me grounded and heavily involved in what I love, and I am unbelievably grateful for it.

Ramapo's Alpha Phi Omega community service fraternity.

Before getting involved with Alpha Phi Omega and finding a strong passion for community service, Rebecca Foster debated transferring schools.

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