The following three students received $1,000 scholarships for their on-campus work as NJ Campus Compact Changebuilders in the program's inaugural year with partners:

  • Centenary University

  • Drew University

  • New Jersey City University

  • Ramapo College

  • Stockton University

  • William Paterson University


Francy Camacho, Drew University, Computer Science

(pictured above with NJ Campus Compact Executive Director Dr. Saul Petersen)
"I dedicated three years to co-founding and developing the not-for-profit organization, Hispanic Project-USA, Inc.

I pledged my efforts to improve the quality of life of the underrepresented Latino-Americans of New York and abroad. As the youth leader of Hispanic Project-USA, I developed and managed numerous charity events that, over the course of time, funded the restoration of an elementary school in Olancho, Honduras. Through generating ideas, leading youth members, and overseeing the formation of charity events, I cultivated skills in working effectively, under time constraints, to produce quality work and create long-lasting impacts.

As a current member of the Drew Honduras Project, a student- run volunteer program at Drew University, we are fundraising money for school supplies and plan to travel to an all-girls orphanage in Dominican Republic to volunteer in the reconstruction of weathered-down shelter.

As a Latina in the field of Computer Science, a constant motivation in my experience is to break the stigma that women are intended solely for the purpose of familycare and light a path for those who wish to pursue opportunities outside of their gender norm."

Christopher Diaz, NJCU, Biology
"As a Changebuilder with plans to go into primary care my biggest project has been my time spent volunteering at University Hospital in Newark, New Jersey.

My specific goals as a volunteer are to ensure that the patient’s stay during their time at the hospital is as comfortable as possible given the circumstances of their visit. Although I spend most of my time in the emergency department, my role as an intern extends to any guest I encounter who is in need of assistance.

Working in a hospital is a very humbling experience that always requires nothing but respect and appreciation.

Recently I have been in the process of transferring from my position as an At Your Service intern to a Research Associate. My reasoning for this is to use the knowledge I have gained from volunteering in the emergency department to solve problems within the hospital."

Jannat Begum, William Paterson University, Biology
"My primary goal (as a Changebuilder) is to get involved in every volunteer opportunity I can and to bring about a tangible impact in my community. Additionally, I would like to use my position as a Changebuilder and my knowledge of public health and health disparities to better advocate for
people’s health and educate others.

One of my ideas to achieve this is to combine the idea of a recipe book for Pioneer Pantry items and use it as an opportunity to encourage a healthy diet and physical activity habits to students. Recognizing that university students belonging to ethnic minorities often experience lack of adequate and convenient nutrient sources, I believe a great deal of help can come with sharing information about healthy living to students who do not have this information readily available to them.This will result in more consciousness when making lifestyle choices.

As what one eats contributes to his physical, mental, and cognitive development, I find this to be particularly important and believe a lot can be done, and as a current Changebuilder, I am in a position where I can do a lot of good to support this belief."

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