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2022 EngageNJ Student Conference and Opportunity Fair

The past two years in particular have shown us just how interconnected we are – when a global pandemic strikes, we have to respond as a collective in order to all move on; if we want to fight climate change, we have to think about it as a whole planet problem. No-ONE can THRIVE unless we take action to ensure EVERY-ONE can THRIVE.

T – Teach        H – Help      R – Revolutionize       I – Inspire       V – Volunteer       E - ENGAGENJ

This conference and opportunity fair is brought to you by New Jersey Campus Compact, in close partnership with our member colleges and universities across the Garden State and the region more broadly. This event connects students with other college students who are interested in taking their education out into the community and develop the skills to make communities better at fighting inequality and injustice of all forms – from food insecurity, to covid impacts, to racial justice, to climate change, to opportunities for a meaningful career pathway.

PLEASE NOTE: in Spring 2022 we will no longer operate as NJ Campus Compact. Our nonprofit will be called ENGAGENJ, the higher education presidents’ coalition that equips and empowers campuses to foster competencies in students that advance democracy and enable them to thrive in 21st century life and work


EngageNJ to thrive in life and work

This is free to attend, with thanks to a generous grant from the Volunteer Generation Fund.

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Conference Presenter Themes

  1. Solutions to reduce food insecurity, improve mental health, and other related issues that students in higher education are facing in Covid times – solutions that might be found on campus or in communities

  2. Taking action for racial justice –  how you were involved in positive actions or impacts for racial justice - on campus, in communities, or with legislators 

  3. This decade or never? Taking action to fight Climate Change – projects you are involved in, political action by you with legislators, or efforts you are making in support of New Jersey’s new K-12 climate change education standards

  4. Political engagement – experiences you are gaining to expand voting, or fighting against unequal impacts of numerous Bills aimed at disenfranchising black and brown voters

  5. Rebranding your online presence - Social media management for a successful graduate school and job application process

Student Opportunity Fair Themes

  1. Learn about and get access to our new comprehensive “21C List” of grants, awards, internships and scholarships available to students for community engaged experiences of all kinds. We spent literally months putting the LIST together with all the information for how to apply and deadlines for doing so.

  2. Work with professionals 1 on 1 to show how your volunteer and community engagement efforts are actually a pathway to developing 21st century skills for work and life. Learn how to code switch and talk more about your SKILLS than about your SERVICE with certain audiences

  3. Bring samples of your resume, sample interview responses, application documents for scholarships etc to workshop with a professional. Improve your chances for success!

  4. Dive deep into the fastest growing career sector – GREEN JOBS – and consider new and exciting experiences to build your pathway to a career that will help to tackle climate change

  5. Become competent in social media management in order to benefit your graduate school and career chance

  6. Learn about exciting AmeriCorps and other paid service opportunities locally, nationally, and abroad. Use these as a career-building year during or following your degree. See how others have found their career path and become THRIVERS in the workplace and in their communities

  7. Learn about opportunities to attend graduate school for reduced costs or for free, through the AmeriCorps Segal Education Award (matched by certain higher education institutions)

  8. Connect with other student volunteers and civic leaders to consider project-based opportunities for teams

**Please note that Middlesex College requires that everyone wears a mask while indoors at all times regardless of your vaccination status.

(This is pending state and local guidance on the ongoing viability of in-person events and, should this event no longer be able to run safely, we will announce a switch to an online conference format on the week of February 7th.)

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