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In 2011, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that more students graduate with the skills and commitments to contribute positively to New Jersey through meaningful employment and through community engagement. 


  • A reduction in uncompleted degrees (because high-quality civic engagement increases retention)

  • More Graduates gaining full-time positions with higher salaries (because a graduate with a BA earns significantly more than a person with an uncompleted degree)

  • More graduates going into careers in the public good such as social innovation and nonprofit leadership (because of the networks created through civic engagement experiences)

  • Communities all over the Garden State that are benefiting from these engaged graduates living and giving in these communities (because of the commitments they have developed to people in communities right here in New Jersey)



Helping to support the many volunteers and students that make New Jersey Campus Compact so successful is certainly a rewarding and generous contribution to our rapidly growing community. Every little bit counts and makes a huge impact on the lives of these incredible individuals. 


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New Jersey Campus Compact


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Host Institution:
New Jersey City University
Gilligan Student Union Building
, Room 316
2039 Kennedy Boulevard
Jersey City, NJ 07305-1597

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