People want to volunteer but may not be able to commit to arriving at a location to spend specific hours volunteering. In addition, people volunteer every day but do not realize the work that they are doing as volunteer work. In effort to meet time constraints and to highlight the unsung volunteers, we are launching Digi-Fellows as a pilot program to meet those needs.


The Digi-Fellow program will raise awareness of student volunteerism across 10 campuses and their surrounding communities in New Jersey dispelling the statistic that NJ college students do not volunteer in their communities in addition to providing a virtual volunteer opportunity for students. Furthermore, bridging gaps between the community and the university, the Digi-Fellows will highlight the unsung volunteers of the community as well as helping NJ Campus Compact and its partners disseminate valuable volunteer management tools that will enable for the proper recruitment, management and sustainability of volunteers.

To partner on the Digi-Fellows Program :

New Jersey Campus Compact


We ALL play a crucial role

Host Institution:
New Jersey City University
Gilligan Student Union Building
, Room 316
2039 Kennedy Boulevard
Jersey City, NJ 07305-1597

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