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This conference is taking place virtually as we begin to emerge out of a global pandemic. We have been social distancing for almost a year, wearing masks, and not interacting in crowded indoor spaces. Yet, despite all this, as people, as students, as a democracy, we HAVE TO STAY CONNECTED. This is so important:

- for our own mental health,

- for demonstrating our visible stance against injustice and racism, and
- for keeping our communities connected so that our people don’t fall through the cracks.

2020 has tested our mettle – there has been so much to fight for, so much to fight against, so much struggle against the invisible AND against acts to disenfranchise that are in plain sight. It’s time to take stock, to gather and learn from one another in virtual rooms, to listen, and to remember why we volunteer, why we are civically engaged, why community matters.

Virtual Student Conference 2022 

This conference is brought to you by New Jersey Campus Compact, in close partnership with our member colleges and universities across the Garden State and the region more broadly. This conference connects students with other college students who are interested in taking their education out into the community to help play a crucial role in making communities better at fighting inequality and injustice of all forms


Presentations ; Panels ; TEDtalks ; Breakouts with Students & Professionals - Topics Include:

  • Volunteering and community engagement during the time of Covid-19

  • Why we need to have healthy virtual connections

  • Ways to do virtual community work

  • Global virtual volunteer opportunities

  • The 2020 high school graduating cohorts: how to keep them on a college track

  • Keeping democracy alive after the election drama

  • Focusing back on climate change under a Biden admin

  • Burnout; listening to each other; reaching out to others

  • Some funny stories to emerge from the struggle




-September 2021


We know that our Zones were very popular at our 2020 conference. That is why we are delighted to announce that we are planning a full day of Zones during our Student Opportunity Fair (SOF), scheduled to take place in September 2021. The SOF will:

  • Connect student volunteers to group volunteer and co-engagement (with professionals) projects
  • Showcase paid internships with nonprofits and government agencies nationally and abroad
  • Highlight volunteer and engagement honors and awards such as the $1,000 Changebuilder Scholars Awards, Newman Civic Fellows, and more
  • Exciting AmeriCorps and other paid service opportunities locally, nationally, and abroad
  • Opportunities to attend graduate school for reduced costs or for free, through the AmeriCorps Segal Education Award (matched by certain higher education institutions)
  • Featured jobs focused on the public good

PLUS A LOT OF NETWORKING! … With higher education staff or identified professional partners, students will work on translating volunteerism / service / community engagement into the appropriate language and format so as to put students’ best foot forward in interviews, networking, and other professional settings. Students will have the opportunity to learn about how their volunteerism is actually a pathway – a pathway to a life of greater meaning, a pathway to jobs with meaning, a pathway to volunteer-based opportunities and awards – and in so doing, students will again build their pre-professional network.

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