With our partners we are embarking on our most ambitious shared task yet – to support thousands of college-going millennials capable of demonstrating excellence while engaging with and volunteering in communities, thereby enabling them to make a difference in their local communities as Changebuilders. This will see a surge in the overall number of young socially responsible graduates with the skills required to be successful – both in achieving their own life goals and in their efforts to be part of change for the better.

Partner campuses are required to intentionally recruit students that mirror the diversity of communities in which projects will take place, and to design partnerships and sequences of experiences that are guided the following principles at minimum. 

NJBIA President Michele Siekerka,“The Changebuilders initiative can play a crucial role in providing college-going millennials’ skills that they cannot learn in the classroom … When we look forward to just the next three years, we know that there’s a demand for over 250,000 jobs in these fields,” she said. “We have a great infrastructure in these ecosystems, but if we don’t have the skilled workforce to support it, we can’t be successful”.

To partner on the Changebuilders Program :

Featuring Our Seven Changebuilder Scholars of 2020!

Gabrielle “Bri” Rooks

Drew University

Media, Communications & English ‘22
(Bachelor of Arts)

Ama Asante

Drew University

Psychology ‘22
(Bachelor of Arts)

Hope Andrescavage

Stockton University

Computer Science ‘23
(Bachelor of Science)

Claudia Wetzel

Ramapo College of New Jersey

Business Administration ‘20
(Bachelor of Science)

Laryssa Durschlag

William Patterson University

Media Productions ‘21
(Bachelor of Arts)

Valeria Izeppi

Raritan Valley Community College

Computer Science ‘20
(Associate's Degree)

Emma Lopez Bianchi

New Jersey City University

Sociology ‘20
(Bachelor of Arts)

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