New Jersey Campus Compact (NJCC) is one of 30 State and regional offices in the national Campus Compact network involving over 6 million students at 1000 colleges and universities.


NJCC is a nonprofit (501c3) organization founded in 2011. Since then, we have tripled our higher education membership and massively increased our partnerships with state and local governments, nonprofits, foundations, and corporations.


NJCC is working to protect the rights of future generations to a healthy, safe, and just community and planet. Our higher education presidents’ coalition will engage with current and new stakeholders to develop a reimagined business ecosystem that expands the scope and scale of our work.


Transformative education can play a vital role in actualizing the transformative 20s. Within our educational institutions and along with our community allies, we can use the personal experiences and recent memories of the trauma of Covid to inspire students and raise their literacy and activism regarding this climate crisis and of the unbearably unequal effects of poor governance and tragedy on brown and black and poor people all over. 


We all play a crucial role in advancing the cause of locally driven and sustainable solutions for the Garden State. 

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