Valuing Engaged Scholarship

Aligning Faculty Pursuits and Institutional Mission

As outlined at our Eastern Region Campus Compact (ERCC) Institute on Promotion and Tenure,

Many of our college campuses struggle with the same challenge. Our academic reward systems have not caught up with 21st century scholarship and teaching, including engaged scholarship and service-learning. Numerous studies of faculty involvement in community engagement show that academic reward systems that do not change to assess and recognize engaged scholarship stand as a formidable barrier to the careers of engaged scholars, recruitment of faculty for this critical work, and campuses truly institutionalizing the work at their core” (O’Meara and Eatman, 2013).


ERCC is a proven consortium in developing strategies and initiatives that lead to a deeper understanding and advancing policy changes related to engaged scholarship across numerous campuses within our network. See for more on our conference and associated resources OR get connected to our NJCC Virtual HUB for discussions, research, tools and resources.


Areas of Focus:


The NJCC statewide membership, board of directors, numerous community and public agencies, and Campus Compact state office identified the specific actions that are being planned and undertaken in order to promote positive and lasting outcomes for communities and higher education alike. Check out our 2016 – 2020 Issues and Actions page for more.

Download the full report “Issues of our Time” by clicking on the image below.