2016 Calendar



Faculty Roundtables Series on Engaged Scholarship New Jersey Campus Compact, led by Dr. Saul Petersen, is continuing our Faculty Roundtable Series on Engaged Scholarship. Saul has been involved in the engaged scholarship movement for several years now and continues to advocate for this scholarly focus to the engagement agenda. The event is open to all but, in particular, faculty who are engaged with community partners through their teaching, research and/or service and who strive to produce scholarly artifacts that contribute to both disciplinary and community issues.

This will lead to significant discussion time among participants who should come prepared to think about how to define and evolve their work as engaged scholars, including:

  • Co-creation of ongoing objectives between faculty and community members involved in the scholarship
  • Significant contribution to one or more academic discipline as well as community issue(s)
  • Dissemination of new knowledge to appropriate audiences and in appropriate format
  • Ongoing assessment of engaged scholarship by faculty AND community members

Please review our roundtable materials referenced throughout each event. See co-developed agendas from previous roundtables at Drew University, and TCNJ. To plan and host a roundtable, please contact Dr. Petersen by emailing njcc@stockton.edu .

2016 – 2020 Institutes Series
March 3 and May 27th, 2016 SOLD OUT
Equity, Engaged Scholarship, and the Collaborative Edge in a Diverse, 21st Century Academy

Please provide two dates during the 2017 or 2018 academic year that will work for your group and let us know by email as soon as possible, at njcc@stockton.edu .

As a key component of New Jersey Campus Compact’s 2016-2020 priority issues and actions, we are partnering with Dr. KerryAnn O’Meara to offer a series of one-day Institutes for teams of chief academic officers, associate provosts, academic deans, chief diversity officers, union representatives and key community engagement professionals. Each Institute takes place on the campus of the registered team and is designed to work solely with that one team’s interests. We invite you to develop an institute with us to consider equity-minded reforms in your academic reward systems that support diverse faculty and diverse forms of scholarship, with particular attention to engaged scholarship.


$800 per NJCC Member Team for a one-day Institute
$3500 per nonmember team

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April 8-10
Philosophy and Engagement 2016
University of Pennsylvania

It’s often suggested that philosophy should do more to “engage” with the wider society in which it’s embedded. The suggestion raises questions as fascinating as they are important.

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June 22-24
7th Living Knowledge Conference (Dublin, Ireland)

Are you interested in exchanging and developing knowledge and practices on how best to bring local communities, civil society organizations, students, researchers and educators together to collaboratively undertake responsible research and innovation? If so, come to Living Knowledge 7 and help us build excitement, partnerships and policy to support this.

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2015 Calendar


 May 27 – 29, 2015 – Mid-Atlantic Engagement Academy – Rutgers Newark
(with Barbara Holland, Lorilee Sandmann, Judith Ramaley and David Weerts)

Sponsored by NJ, NY and Pennsylvania Campus Compact  Register here

This professional and institutional development program is designed for leaders and teams responsible for developing institutional capacity for community engagement.  Participants will develop institutional plans for engagement and will return to their campuses with the ability to advance the institution’s plan for engagement, as well as, effectively link community engagement to the teaching, research, and service missions of the institution. Click here for more information.

June  21st and 22nd – Retreat for NJCC Liaisons
(invitation only)

Being held at: Stockton Seaview Resort Hotel and Golf Club, 401 S. New York Road, Galloway, NJ 08205

Campus Liaisons will come together for a retreat to share thoughts on:

    1. Campus Compact’s 30 Anniversary and a recommitment of campuses to our public purpose.
    2. The State of NJ Campus Compact following nearly 2 years under Petersen’s leadership.
    3. Empowering and supporting liaisons through collaborative leadership.
    4. Civic Innovations’ – the sustainability of the work, a collective liaisons’ voice seeking funding for seeding/supporting the good work.

October 14-16, 2015 – Eastern Region Campus Compact Conference 2015
Newark, New Jersey
Moving Us Forward: “At the Intersection of Community Engagement and Collective Impact”

Hosted by: Essex County College, Rutgers University-Newark and New Jersey Institute of Technology

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Call for Participation. Promotion and Tenure Policy Repository and Faculty Rewards Institute


As a vital agent of social change, higher education is integral to creating vibrant, healthy communities in our towns, cities, regions, and our nation. To this end, the 2015 Eastern Region Campus Compact (ERCC) conference will advance our understanding of the intersection of collective impact and community engagement. This conference will highlight emerging theory and practice in place-based collective impact initiatives, moving beyond isolated efforts to conjoin the resources and assets of higher education with those of our communities. ERCC will provide a forum to showcase the strategic engagement of faculty, students and the wider higher education community through engaged scholarship, cross-sector partnerships, service-learning, student research, and volunteer opportunities.

Framing questions:
• What innovative ideas are advancing higher education’s community engagement practices?
• In what ways can the collective impact framework inform community engagement strategies and programs in higher education?
• How are place-based consortia involving faculty and students in ways that produce shared benefit?
• How are campuses assessing the effectiveness of such community-engaged scholarship, service-learning courses, partnerships, and community service activities?

1. Offer a strong array of pre-conference workshops that advance community engaged practice in higher education.
2. Advance our understanding of the intersection between community engagement and collective impact.
3. Demonstrate both innovation and broader impact as outcomes of engagement in long term collaboratives, including collective impact networks.
4. Highlight best practices in place-based, issue-driven faculty/student engaged scholarship.
These goals will be achieved in this unique conference that unites leading voices in higher education leadership, city-wide collective impact consortia, engaged scholars, and community engagement practitioners – all under the ‘collaborative’ roof of Essex County College, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Rutgers University-Newark.