Social Connectedness

Building Clear Steps to Civic and Economic Prosperity

The endurance of institutions of higher education rests heavily on the civic and economic resilience of their neighboring communities. This model – one of collective success or failure – is at the forefront of every president’s policy agenda. Strong and clear linkages back to K-12 education AND forward to the job market, as well as multi-constituency partnerships forged for longevity, can invoke a belief among ALL local residents that they can each find an open door to a college education and a level of responsibility to society. This ‘network’ or web-like approach to civic and economic prosperity can fuse the cracks all too familiar to society’s most shackled by struggle. For many societies, these cracks are already becoming chasms, as whole sections of the population fall into invisibility. If we do not find a way to allow all of society the access to supports and opportunities that promote both education and accountability, how will we be remembered?


Areas of Focus:


The NJCC statewide membership, board of directors, numerous community and public agencies, and Campus Compact state office identified the specific actions that are being planned and undertaken in order to promote positive and lasting outcomes for communities and higher education alike. Check out our 2016 – 2020 Issues and Actions page for more.

Download the full report “Issues of our Time” by clicking on the image below.