Valuing Engaged Scholarship

Increasing Recognition and Legitimacy

New Jersey Campus Compact is directly involved in several initiatives, both in state and nationally, to increase recognition and legitimacy of community engaged scholarship.

Eastern Region Campus Compact (ERCC) Institute of Promotion and Tenure

Eastern Region Campus Compact (ERCC) Institute on Promotion and Tenure

This 2-day Institute that has recurred annually since 2011 reflects the best practices in event design focused solely on institutional change. Provosts/VPAAs delegate teams to attend on behalf of the institution. Using a combination of selected research and model faculty guidelines, teams of faculty spend concentrated time together developing strategies and propose policy changes, including to faculty guidelines, that will increase the recognition and legitimacy of community engaged scholarship. Faculty teams draft new language to have their institution reconsider one of the following issues:

  • Valuing Community Engaged Scholarship (CES) – Is it clear your institution, college, and department value CES?
  • Defining, Describing, and Differentiating CES – Has CES been clearly defined, differentiated, and illustrated?
  • Criteria for Evaluating CES  – Is it clear what criteria will be used to assess the quality and impact of CES (and other forms of scholarship)?
  • Documentation/Evidence – Are potential products of engaged scholarship named and described?
  • Peer Review – Is the peer review process inclusive of community partners and faculty with expertise in CES?
  • Impact – Is local community impact given the same credibility as international, regional, and national impact? For all ranks?

Faculty Roundtables on Community Engaged Scholarship

 Faculty Roundtables on Community Engaged Scholarship

New Jersey Campus Compact is taking several key steps to raise the profile of engaged scholars located right here in Jersey. Faculty can attend any of a series of roundtables, scheduled to take place in 2014 at Stockton College, Drew University, Rutgers Camden, and Caldwell College, on engaged scholarship, the objectives of which are outlined below or a full set of resources can be downloaded by clicking here:

  • Faculty will develop greater clarity of the evolution of work as engaged scholarship
  • Faculty will get connected to a statewide network of community engaged scholars
  • New Jersey Campus Compact will develop a database of community engaged scholars with the view of building legitimacy and understanding of these community issue-oriented forms of scholarly artifacts

Participants engage in roundtable dialogue on how their scholarship reflects a more broad, yet legitimate, set of criteria, focused on the following topical themes:

  • Co-creation of ongoing objectives between faculty and community members involved in the scholarship
  • Significant contribution to one or more academic discipline as well as community issue(s)
  • Dissemination of new knowledge to appropriate audiences and in appropriate format
  • Ongoing assessment of CES by faculty AND community members involved
  • Building the movement in New Jersey
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