Valuing Engaged Scholarship

Ambassadors of Engagement Project

By the members. For the members.

The Ambassadors of Engagement Project is being launched in 2014 and is a regional venture by the state offices of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania designed to showcase high quality, impactful, engaged scholarship on a searchable public database.

This project is a response to the wave of requests from the higher education community across the nation to uncover the rapidly expanding number of faculty identifying themselves as engaged scholars and, importantly, to highlight the artifacts of their work – how they are contributing to a broader definition of 21st century knowledge-making in one or more disciplines and how their scholarship exemplifies partnership at ALL levels of its evolution.

The important niche we aim to fill is to locate the work of engaged scholars on a free, public, searchable database. This will encourage a more fluid ability for faculty to collaborate, for campuses to learn from one another, and for faculty to strengthen their hand when seeking a new position, a promotion, or tenure.

A similar tool has been developed in the health fields called This is a free online mechanism for peer-reviewing, publishing and disseminating products of health-related community engaged scholarship that are in forms other than journal articles

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